What should I expect when visiting?

EBBC is a family gathering. Expect to feel welcome and loved. 


What style of music do you sing in worship?

Each week we incorporate traditional and contemporary hymns in our worship service. Our worship is led by a few musically talented members. Worship is led through different styles of not just music but of scripture reading, prayer, and responsive readings. 


What should I wear?

You can find a different assortment of attire being worn at EBBC. The dress is casual. You will find one person wearing a coat and tie and it's because he is preaching the sermon.  


What translation of the Bible does EBBC affirm and which does the pastor preach from?

Each person at EBBC uses the translation they feel comfortable with. The pastor uses the NIV because that's what he learned and memorized as he matured in faith. He is familiar with other translations in the passages he preaches from and will make mention of the different textual variations. EBBC does not affirm one translation over another and uses each one to grasp a greater understanding of God.