In 2017 at Super Bowl 51 the Atlanta Falcons were up 28-3 during the third quarter. At the end of the game the New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl. That’s right…Atlanta gave up 25 unanswered points. It has become the subject of many memes in the last few years. In fact I have a friend who posts them at least every other day. Atlanta didn’t just lose that day they were defeated. I do not know what happened at the very end when everyone went to the locker room, when they went home, or when they showed up at the next practice. I can only imagine their defeat.

Yesterday, I experienced my own defeat. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve lost a game whether it be board game, swim race, solo and ensemble, and others. Last night was different. I felt defeated. In my effort to save some money I decided I would replace the starter on my car especially after I had just replaced my radiator earlier this month. Replacing the starter consists of removing some wires, and two bolts on the starter. I jacked up the car and removed one long bolt. The second though was hiding behind the frame of the car. There was barely enough room to stick a socket wrench. I put it on and twist and turned and nothing. For several hours I did this until I stripped the bolt. Later in the evening I sprayed it with some Blaster to help unfreeze the bolt. Nothing. I had a friend come over and he tried and nothing. We did everything we could for three more hours. Nothing. I walked in the house feeling the sting of defeat. It wasn’t a loss. It was defeat. I did everything I could and nothing happened.

Sin does that to you. Sin tells you there is no hope breaking the bondage that hold you tight to the sin. Sin brings on the stings of defeat.

“I’ll never be able to stop drinking.”

“I’ll never be able to stop smoking.”

“Pornography will always have its hold on me.”

Just a few examples.

Defeat is when there is no hope.

Last night I expressed to Leah this defeat. I did everything I could except take it to the mechanic. This morning I explained to my mechanic I did everything I could and he applauded me for our efforts.

There is hope. There is hope in Jesus. He is the Chief Mechanic. No matter what efforts you have given and tried and it never worked there is Jesus. The difference is I have to pay my mechanic. JESUS PAID THE PRICE FOR YOU! First John 3:16, “Jesus Christ laid down h

I can only imagine how Satan feels as he knows he was defeated on the cross. But he’s not going to go down without a fight and he will do everything he can to make you feel hopeless. Don’t let him win.

There is hope in Jesus.

Tony Valdez