The Story Part 1

Edmund will be participating in a church wide study called The Story. We will basically be reading the Bible in 31 weeks. While we won't read the entirety (word for word) we will be guided through the history of the Bible and how our story intertwines with God's story. If you want to learn more come join us. If you think you already know it all come join us. If you haven't been to church in years this is a perfect time to join in. We will meet Sunday's at 9:30 for Bible Study on The Story then meet together for worship with a message focusing on what we've learned. During the week there will be various opportunities to dive deeper. There are two books available to purchase for $10 to join in with the study. If you cannot afford that's okay money has been given for scholarships. If you have a friend currently interested please invite them to join us. If you do not have a Sunday School class we have plenty of options with a new class opening up. For more information call us at 944-2662.